Hub that improves access to the best innovative solutions for SMEs
AGROTIC HUB is aimed at supporting the digital transformation of agri-food companies in Navarre, the Basque Country and New Aquitaine, through the creation of a cross-border resource Hub that improves access for companies, especially SMEs, to the best innovative solutions. The varied specialisation of the agri-food sectors seen across the three regions will lead to the enriching of the range of digitisation solutions that will be integrated into the Hub. The project aims to highlight the best innovative digitalisation experiences and the best technologies applied in the different subsectors (livestock, fishing, agriculture, processed vegetables, processed meat, processed dairy products, cereals, fruit, etc.) to share them with the companies in those subsectors in the three regions. The final aim is to bring supply closer to demand and to identify new ICT applications that could provide solutions to common problems.


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