Position of the Circular Economy in the Basque agri-food sector
Through this project, we conducted an analysis of the Circular Economy in the Basque agri-food sector. This involved companies of different sizes and subsectors in the value chain. The study consisted of running six consecutive phases. The first step was to examine the position of the company to understand its activity, size and specific features. A strategic monitoring exercise was then carried out to discover the current and future demands of governments and the market and the main future trends. The central part of the study was the analysis of the company’s position in relation to the circular economy, as a result of which the impact of the production processes could be quantified and the environmental footprint measured. Finally, based on the monitoring of the environment and the analysis carried out, the main challenges for companies and the tools they have to overcome them were identified.


Phase 1: Learning about the company
Phase 2: Strategic monitoring
Phase 3: Life cycle analysis
Phase 4: Identification of challenges
Phase 5: Solutions and tools
Understanding the business and its environmental position
Monitoring of the commercial, competitive and technological environment
Description and quantification of production processes and analysis of the environmental footprint
Identification of action points based on the analysis carried out
Search for key tools and agents to implement the actions identified
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